At nearly 70-years old, Dr. Lee is limiting his practice only to Lecturing at National Medical Conferences. Patients seeking records and new patients may call Plastic Surgeon Steven Miller—Dr. Lee’s Custodian of Records—at 702-938-0190.

Why Dr. Lee?!

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 11/28/2022

The ONLY Vegas Physician…to WIN All 4 of the Top National Cosmetic Injection Awards in the US!


Botox and Juvederm FAQ'S

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 01/13/2022

Learn more about Botox and Juvederm


A Deeper Dive Into Botox and Dysport

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 10/14/2021

What if Botox or Dysport used to work, but has recently lost effectiveness? Plus looking at the differences between the two.


How Long Do Botox & Dysport Last?

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 09/29/2021

Botox and Dysport can last anywhere from two and a half to four months.


So...What's the Difference Between BOTOX and Dysport?

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 09/15/2021

BOTOX and Dysport are both excellent products, but there is a slight difference in their composition. Find out more in this week's blog!


"Botched" TV Plastic surgeon Paul Nassif Moderated Dr. Lee's Panel Discussion

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 07/06/2021

Medicine, Media, and Awareness: How not to botch the combination


Juvederm or Restylane?

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 06/29/2020

Are you considering fillers? Which Wrinkle Filler Is Best?


Is Your Chin…Too Short?

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 06/26/2020

Garry R. Lee, MD is ranked as a TOP 1% Allergan Clinical Practice in the USA.


Pouty, Sexy Lips with Juvederm

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 03/12/2020

Learn how Dr. Lee can provide you with sexy lips with Juvederm.


Which Wrinkle Filler?

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 03/10/2020

Juvederm, Restylane, Sculptra, or Artefill? Find out which Wrinkle Filler will be best for you from Dr. Lee.


How Much Botox Do I Need?

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 10/05/2019

Garry R. Lee, MD, is an Allergan Medical Institute Botox/Juvederm Physician Instructor for the State of Nevada.


How Long Does Botox Last?

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 09/16/2019

BOTOX may last longer or shorter depending upon an individual’s metabolism, medications, age, dosage, and lifestyle.


Botox FAQs

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 07/26/2019

Dr. Lee answers some Botox FAQs


The Aesthetic Show 2019

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 07/17/2019

Dr. Lee lecturing to over 300 doctors and nurses plus those standing at The Aesthetic Show 2019


Aesthetic CME/CEU/CE Webinar

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 05/23/2019

The NEW Emergency Injector Protocols & 2019's HOT Moneymakers


Advanced Botox & Dysport Wrinkle Injection Techniques

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 05/03/2019

Check out these advanced Botox & Dysport wrinkle injection techniques by the USA’s Triple-Crown Award WINNER for Cosmetic Injections


Dr. Lee's Lecture

Dr. Garry R. Lee | 04/26/2019

Dr. Lee is lecturing to hundreds of doctors and nurses in Orlando, Florida


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