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BY the #1 USA cosmetic injection & microcannula Award Winner



Garry R. Lee, MD,  is the USA's Award Winner to help you “Look Younger, Without Surgery,” internationally selected as one of the Ultimate 100 Global Aesthetic Leaders in the World in 2019 by MyFaceMyBody, the world’s largest aesthetics awards program.  In direct competition with hundreds of the TOP Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Aesthetic Physicians in the USA, Dr. Lee was selected the #1 National WINNER for: 


  • 1)  The Best Non-Surgical Makeover in the USA in 2018 for MyFaceMyBody--with judging by Plastic Surgeon Paul Nassif, of TV’s “Botched," 
  • 2)   The Aesthetic Award for Best Facial Injectable Enhancement in the USA--for 2015, endorsed by Plastic Surgeon Andrew Ordon of TV’s “The Doctors,,"
  • 3)  The Aesthetic Everything Award as the Top Aesthetic Doctor of 2019 for The Aesthetic Everything Aesthetic and Cosmetic Medicine Awards in Beverly Hills,
  • 4)  and The Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year Award for the USA for 2019, by MyFaceMyBody. the world's largest aesthetic awards program.
  • Also, Dr. Lee led the USA to take 2nd Place in the WORLD competition in 2015 for the Best Non-Surgical Facial Rejuvenation at the Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress in Paris, France




  • His Clinical Practice is ranked in the top 1% of all Allergan and Galderma clinics in the USA and his patients voted him the Patients Choice 5-Year Award and The Compassionate Physician 5-Year Award. 
  • He is an internationally published aesthetic medicine author; lectures and teaches physicians, nurses, and PAs his advanced techniques; and serves on the National Advisory Boards of Allergan (Botox and Juvederm), Galderma (Dysport and Restylane), Air-Tite (microcannula), and Eclipse  (RF, microneedling, and PRP).  
  • Dr. Lee is the Air-Tite National Director of USA MicroCannula Training,  who teaches physicians and nurses this Advanced Anti-Bruising and Anti-Swelling Technique.  Cosmetic filler injections using the advanced blunt-tipped microcannula are rapidly replacing the old traditional and painful technique using hypodermic needles to inject wrinkles with Juvederm, Restylane, and other fillers. 
  • Dr Lee Lectures Nationally on Advanced Anti-Bruising and Anti-Swelling Microcannula Injection Techniques and the Latest Non-Surgical Cosmetic Technology and is the Inventor of The Long MicroCannula Double Cross-Hatched Fan Technique (LeeXX) and The Wiggle Progression MicroCannula Injection Technique.
  • He is the Internationally Published Author of the "First Book of Aesthetic Microcannula for Cosmetic Fillers & Local Anesthesia (MILA)," an’s #1 “HOT New Release” & BEST SELLER, in the category of Medical Procedure Books.  In 2019, Dr. Lee published "Aesthetic Microcannula for Cosmetic Injectable Fillers" on, which supersedes his earlier 2016 book.



  • In addition to being a National Lecturer and the Leading Cosmetic Injection Award WINNER in the USA, he is also a Physician, Nurse, and PA Clinical Instructor for:  Allergan (Botox & Juvederm), Eclipse Aesthetics  (Microneedling, PRP, and Radio-Frequency), and the Cellular Medicine Association (The O-Shot) and is Luminary Leader for AccuVein (Vein Viewer), VERSA, and PRO-NOX (nitrous oxide pain reduction). 
  • Dr. Lee is also the recipient of Allergan’s Top 250/Black Diamond Award, Galderma’s Presidential Award, Medicis’ Platinum Award, Thermage’s Pinnacle Award, and The American Cancer Society’s Life Saver Award.
  • He is an Internationally Published Author in the January/February 2015 Issue of PRiME International Journal of Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine–and was honored to be chosen as the Magazine’s Cover Article on his advanced microcannula techniques. 
  • He also co-authored an article on the use of PRP for alopecia areata with plastic surgeon Gordon Sasaki, M.D., F.A.C.S., which was published in the September 2014 issue of MedEsthetics.   Other aesthetic medicine articles have also been nationally published in MedEsthetics and The Aesthetic Guide Magazines. 
  • Dr. Lee only uses the TSK STERiGLIDE MicroCannula, the WINNER of the Prestigious International Anti-Aging & Beauty Trophy for Best Injection Tool in 2013–over other MicroCannulas.  The STERiGLIDE MicroCannula is structurally designed for more precise filler placement at the very tip of the MicroCannula and engineered with a tapered tip for easier entry and comfort–compared to other USA MicroCannulas. Physicians are reporting as much as 70% to 100% less bruising, less swelling, and less tenderness.




how good is your physician instructor?


  • Many CME and CEU Physician Instructors are actually charging thousands of dollars to teach doctors, nurses, and PAs how to do cosmetic injections for large--and apparently reputable organizations--but with only minimal cosmetic injection credentials.  Often, they would hire the local Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to teach--with only minimal injection training in residency--who actually has their nurse do nearly all of their non-surgical procedures. 
  • See the Skills Rating Pyramid below to stratify the true credentials of your cosmetic injection instructor, starting at the BOTTOM, for the credentials of a 6th Rate Instructor.  For example, in the State of Nevada, there are over 700 Physicians who do Botox and Juvederm, but Allergan, the manufacturer, hand-picked only 5 Clinical Instructors to TEACH physicians, eliminating over 99% of eligible doctors...just to become, by our criteria, a 5th Rate Instructor.   
  • Similarly, there is a highly selective process to be chosen to  become a 4th Rate Instructor as a National Lecturer at a Major Medical Conference , by the Conference Advisory Board or Board of Directors with the Conference Director.  Faculty are carefully scrutinized for expertise in their field, for their ability to actually teach what they know, for being leaders in their field, and for meeting continuing education criteria by numerical analysis of attendee review data to  insure only the top performers are invited back to lecture again. 
  • To become an Internationally or Nationally Published Author, the Editors of Major International or National Publications carefully evaluate the Leaders in each field to determine who to highlight as an Expert in the World or the USA in the journals or magazines they publish and send to every Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, or Cosmetic Physician in their circulation.   Major publications like PRiME International Journal of Aesthetic & Anti-Ageing Medicine require an extensive Peer-Review by top Plastic Surgeons  and an extensive bibliography in order to meet their rigid criteria to be published, for what we classify as a 3rd Rate Instructor. 
  • Our criteria for a 2nd Rate Instructor is the invention of new techniques which are used in the field, for which we have  the great fortune to be so honored.   
  • Finally, the field of Cosmetic Injections in the USA has four national competitions for the TOP Awards in the country for Cosmetic Injections:  The Aesthetic Award for Best Cosmetic Injectable Enhancement --on the red carpet at the Wynn Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada--endorsed by Plastic Surgeon Andrew Ordon of the TV Hit Series "The Doctors;"  the Best Non-Surgical Makeover of the Year Award in Beverly Hills, California, by MyFaceMyBody--judged by Plastic Surgeon Paul Nassif of TV's Hit Series "Botched,"  The TOP Aesthetic Doctor in the USA for Aesthetic Everything; and The Medical Aesthetic Practitioner of the Year for MyFaceMyBody.   Winning either category is our criteria for a TOP Rate Instructor in the USA.  The former is primarily for non-core physicians and the latter is an intense competition among hundreds of the top Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, and Cosmetic Physicians in the USA--from Beverly Hills to New York City--at their red carpet event in the elegant Beverly Wilshire Hotel just off Rodeo Drive--famed for hosting the Julia Roberts Hit Movie "Pretty Woman."  



  • Dr. Lee offers CME and CEU Webinars and Onsite (in Las Vegas / Henderson Nevada) Workshop Training for physicians, nurses, and Physician Assistants (PAs) on a limited and selective basis by email application to [email protected] (include CV, state license, and photo).  
  • Applications are now being accepted for the next Workshop:  Introduction to Aesthetic Medicine 101--Neuromodulators and Injecting Fillers Using the Anti-Pain and Anti-Bruising Microcannula (7.0 CME/CEU, $997) specifically designed for practitioners who are not Plastic Surgeons, but wish to do cash-based non-surgical cosmetic injections (Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane)  using the Advanced Microcannula Filler Injection Technique in their own Medical Spa.  While other courses may require up to years of prior injection experience injecting Juvederm or Restylane wrinkle fillers with hypodermic needles, Dr. Lee's philosophy is to immediately train you on  what he firmly believes is the safer Anti-Pain and Anti-Bruising Technique.  This course is also recommended for experienced injectors who want to learn Dr. Lee's Award Winning neruomodulator and microcannula filler injection techniques. 
  • Hands-On Training Preceptorship by Dr. Lee is also available in the afternoon of this course for physicians, NPs, nurses, and PAs from Nevada onsite at Look Younger MD.