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How Long Do Botox & Dysport Last?

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Clinical Research shows that Botox and Dysport typically last anywhere from two and a half months to four months, with the average duration being about three months. Often patients are convinced it lasts much longer, but often it’s just a matter of not noticing it has worn off, though there is some research to support that a higher dose can last longer. Conversely, there are some individuals on hormone therapy--or that are simply high metabolizers--who may last far less than 2 and a half months. 

In my opinion, Dysport may kick in a bit sooner, but Botox is documented to be 74% effective in one week, and both products are essentially fully effective in about two weeks. 

We suggest our patients continue to use whatever works for them (i.e. don’t fix it if it ain't broke) or try both, and tell us which one works better for you or lasts a little longer. 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person.