O-Shot Testimonial Dr. Lee Henderson, NV

Nicole had the Orgasm Shot with O-Shot Instructor Garry R. Lee, MD of lookyoungermed.com


My name is Nicole. I'm here to talk to you about the O-Shot. I got the O-Shot, the first round of the O-Shot in February of 2020. It was done by Dr. Lee and Nurse Practitioner Hugh. And I just wanted to speak about the results of the O-Shot. Number one is the urination or incontinence. So before I got it done, I run a lot and I would have a little bit of leakage when I run. After the first round of it, I definitely had a decrease. I would say an 80%, 60 to 80% decrease. And since the second round, I've had zero bouts of incontinence. So I do aggressive exercise, running and jumping and I haven't had any leakage. The number one thing I'm here to talk about is the orgasms. So my primary goal was to have better, more intense orgasms. After the first round I had, I definitely saw an improvement. It was about 15 to 20%. And then after the second round, I definitely saw improvement at about 40% increase in the intensity of orgasms and also the kind of ease of getting to the orgasm.

And I would say the results started after the first one, maybe about four weeks after the first shot. And then my final results after the second round of it was maybe two to three weeks. On a pain scale, I was really surprised. I thought it would be painful. You're injecting into the clitoris and like right inside. But really the pain was maybe like a one or so. I didn't feel anything. Whatever they do to kind of block the pain definitely works. It definitely has increased my happiness, both my happiness and my partner's happiness, I would say. He can definitely tell the difference in how easy it is for me to orgasm and how intense those orgasms are. So it's affected my relationship. It's definitely affected my self confidence. When I'm exercising I know I'm not going to have any sort of leakage. And I would just really recommend it to anybody. Who doesn't want a better organism? Who doesn't want to like increase their sexual experience, whether that be just for yourself or with a partner? And if you're having any sort of incontinence issues, who doesn't want to resolve that? So I would definitely give two thumbs up.