O Shot Testimonial

Look Younger MD patient describes the results of her O-Shot procedure...she is very happy!!


Hi, my name's Shannon. I had the O-Shot with Dr. Lee about five weeks ago, and I wanted to tell you my results. So first off, I had a very bad case of the urinary incontinence, which is pretty much you pee your pants. Every time you sneeze, every time you cough. You know, I had a baby three years ago, and it just made it worse. I'm 38 now, so I know that it supposedly gets worse with age, so the O-Shot has helped that about eighty percent (80%). I don't have to wear panty liners anymore. I don't have to carry an extra pair of underwear around anymore.

I'm one of those people who every time I see the sun, I sneeze, so therefore I pee. Now, I don't have to stop, cross my legs, and brace myself, and look really silly. I can just pause, sneeze, and move, so that's the best part ever. So, I would say about 80% improvement in the "pee pants," I call it.

So, let's move on to the good stuff. So, we have the O-Shot is apparently for better orgasms, so once we were doing my procedure I found out a little anatomy that I had a abnormally small clitoris. I don't know what that means. They all... whatever. So anyway, so with that I noticed that through sex and through masturbation it's a lot easier to be stimulated in that area, so that is a huge improvement as well. A lot quicker to get stimulated, there's not... There's more positions that I could get aroused off of in that area, and orgasms are probably 10 times (1,000%) better.. to the point where they're so orgasmic I guess you could say, that you might need a second afterwards, but it's such a huge difference, even with masturbation. The orgasms are and so much more intense and amazing, and with orgasms you release certain hormones that help make you happy, just be a woman. You know, they say, "You don't use it, you lose it," so I definitely think that the O-Shot has helped me get my sexy back, I would say.