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My O-Shot Experience (Dr. Lee,, 8-30-19)

My O-Shot Experience (Dr. Lee,, 8-30-19)


Hi, my name is Casey, and I have had the O-shot. So I'm going to talk to you a little bit about my experience, and hopefully it will help you make a decision about your experience.

I got the O-Shot because I have a son who is now two, but when he was born he basically destroyed me, and I had terrible incontinence. I peed myself in a Bed, Bath and Beyond terribly, with my father, and I said, "We just keep shopping." It didn't matter. But, at work, I had to take out anything that was physical, because I would pee my pants. I was wearing pads every day. At night, getting up to have to pee multiple times, because I would pee my pants. And it wasn't getting better.

So I went to a doctor, they did a test. They said, "Yes, you have incontinence. We recommend a mesh implant." So, to me, I was like, "Well, I've heard bad things about that. I don't want to do that. What's my other choice?" The other choice was to be on medication for the rest of my life, which, of course, has its own consequences. You take something to fix something, something else is going to go wrong. So I didn't want to do that either.

Happened that I was in here to see Dr. Lee, getting my face fixed, and he mentioned that there's this new procedure called the O-Shot, the orgasm shot, and I thought, "Oh, orgasm. At this point, that's not even something I'm worried about. I just had a kid." But he told me that it had a huge impact on incontinence, and the light bulb went off. And so I Googled, did a little Googling research, and then I talked to Dr. Lee, watched some videos, and decided to give it a go, because it's using your own blood, it's not something I have to be on the rest of my life, there's no surgery involved. If it doesn't work... You know, I gave it a go.

So, came in, I did it twice, and I was nervous at first, of course, you don't, especially after having a child, you don't really want people splunking down there. But I felt very comfortable here, the staff is wonderful, well taken care of. Everything was explained to me very easily and succinctly, so I knew what was going to happen. Came in, had the procedure done. You're completely numb, I didn't feel anything. I felt no needle down there. Nothing. Which I will say, you know, after having a child, I could've done it, if I had no medication down there, because I am now used to that area being insane. But it didn't feel like anything. I just laid there and 20 minutes later, I was done, and went home.

And then as the weeks went on, my incontinence got better, and better, and better. And I'd say now it's 75% better than it was. Which is huge. I would say mine kind of fluctuates with my cycle. So most days I don't even worry about the incontinence. It's not a problem.

The orgasm part, which is a little benefit as well, or maybe that's your goal, I'd say mine got to be about 40% better, or more sensitive. And yeah, that's a nice little perk. But, for me, it was like, honestly, the incontinence thing was what I needed to get fixed. And it is, it's much better. I can run at the gym and that's great.

So I would absolutely recommend getting this done if you have any issues with either of those things. It's easy, it's not invasive, it doesn't hurt, and nothing really to lose. So that's my recommendation. Thank you.