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Patient Testimonial - Skinfinity RF


Hi, my name is Tara. I'm 41. Actually, going 42 soon. I met Dr. Lee a few months ago when I read about the Skinfinity treatment and I'm so happy I did. It's a treatment that has three phases. The one course at Skinfinity. Then, they will use a micro pen on you and a treatment with your platelet, and the results are just amazing. I mean, look at my face.

So, I had the first treatment eight weeks ago and then, not even six days ago, we did a second one just with the Skinfinity and I barely have any mark at all after six days. Maybe, there is a bit of redness in the beginning, and then a bit of micro-exfoliations so your skin will be tiny, a little bit try. But for me that's been, oh, I mean, again, six days ago.

And the magic thing is that I don't think it's only myself convincing myself that I look good. I have been traveling for work and it was a number of interviews. So I don't think, usually, people tell you you look good unless you do. I think the nice thing is to shut up if you don't have anything nice to say.

So all the photographers and the camera people were telling me, “Oh, wow!” and “How old are you?” I'm like, 41. “Oh, really? You don't look so.” And the even funnier thing is that then I travel to Italy to see my family and it was the same thing. And again, we are from Northern Italy so possibly not the most expressive people when it comes to make compliments. It's considered a bit indiscreet. So again, everybody was telling me, “You look so good.” And the magic thing is that you don't look as if you had plastic surgery. You don't look bizarre because it's not plastic surgery. To me, the main difference is the glow. It's like as if I were lit from the inside. At the same time, everything is kind of tighter and firmer. I don't remember the time when I looked like this, honestly.

And also, my pores and fine lines are almost disappear. I mean, it's really magical. So funny because we were celebrating the 90th birthday of my great-aunt. So I had to see a lot of people that haven't seen me for quite a while especially that I lived in America. And everybody was just blown away literally and they were asking me, “How old are you again?”

So really, I couldn't be happier than this. And the great thing is that here, I didn't only find this fantastic treatment because truth be told, I think I'm too young for surgery and I'm also scared like hell by surgery. But also, it's the whole environment. To be far so I feel like they adopted me and not only you will get instructions of what to do after your treatment and products to apply, but also they will call on you regularly to make sure everything is fine, to ask if you need something. And this, for me, makes all the difference in the world.

So really, in case you cannot tell from my face, I'm so, so happy I found Dr. Lee. Thank you very much.