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Lip Fillers in Henderson, NV

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What Are Lip Fillers?

At Look Younger MD, people come to see us...specifically because they WANT lovely lips! Usually, they see their lips as too thin, too small, too wrinkled--or the shape just isn't quite right. Fortunately, Juvederm is a fast and effective solution to significantly increase the volume of your lips--without plastic surgery--in just minutes.

Cosmetic injectable lip fillers are used to replace the loss of subcutaneous fat in lips lost naturally from the process of aging. Dr. Lee's choice of injectable lip filler is Juvederm, which uses hyaluronic gel--a sugar already present in your body--as a natural replacement for the loss of subcutaneous fat. Juvederm is Dr. Lee's 1st choice because it does not harden into a rock-like substance like Radiesse and Sculptra, and is malleable and dissolvable even months later.

Dr. Garry Lee has taught doctors and nurses the Fine Art of doing lip filler in Henderson, NV, for years as Clinical Instructor for Allergan and Galderma, the manufacturers of Juvederm and Restylane.  Dr. Lee's lip results were SO good, his patient photos were used as THE ideal for lips--as illustrated in the "Lovely Lips" article published in MedEsthetics Magazine--sent to every Plastic Surgeon, Dermatologist, and Aesthetic Physician in the USA.

Am I a Candidate for Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers have proven to be an incredible and easy option for virtually anyone who wants to increase the size of their lips--without the need for lip implant surgery and all of its complications. Generally, we recommend Juvederm Ultra in lips for patients who have:

  • Uneven or asymmetrical lips
  • Thin or thinning lips
  • Wrinkled lips
  • No scarring from previous lip implants, trauma, or surgery
  • Disproportionate lips--not in the Golden Ratio!
  • Been in good general health without extensive allergies
  • Gummy Smiles--lips which show excessive gums when smiling

NON-Candidates for Lip Fillers

  • Super Size lips--Dr. Lee will refer you elsewhere if you want unnaturally large lips
  • Needle Injection Lips--Dr. Lee will refer you to his nurses if you want only needle injection technique for lips, like the Julie Horn techniques.
  • Excessive Scar Tissue--Dr. Lee may be able to bypass scar tissue but will refer to plastic surgery if he cannot. Common areas include scars from trauma in motor vehicle accidents, dog bites, and shifting permanant implants.

How Do Lip Fillers Work?

Before your treatment, Dr. Lee will meet with you to customize your aesthetic goals to jointly decide which JUVÉDERM® product or combination of products will best deliver them.

After high resolution photography,  Dr. Lee's staff gently massages a complimentary specially compounded topical numbing cream to your lips as a potent local anesthetic to maximize your comfort. Then Dr. Lee exclusively uses the ADVANCED Microcannula Technique (he is the Award WINNING USA National MD Instructor) to continuously and gently inject Juvederm through a very fine microcannula. The Microcannula is widely renown as THE gentle Anti-Pain, Anti-Bruising, and Anti-Swelling Technique...because it has a blunt tip, and hence, is not a needle. 

Traditionally, lip treatments for wrinkle fillers are injected using sharp hypodermic needles--which are  usually SO exquisitely painful that dental nerve blocks with lidocaine are required to even tolerate this procedure. Moreover, dental nerve blocks do nothing to reduce the bruising and swelling from the extensive tissue trauma which commonly follows.

While most injectors just take 15-30 minutes for lips, Dr. Lee schedules lip treatments for a whole hour to maximize his precision in placement and to maximize your comfort during the entire procedure.


What Results Can I Expect From Lip Fillers?

We aim to completely restore 100% of the natural fullness in your lips--with a maximum of ~25% enhancement above your natural anatomy. Dr. Lee limits the size of enhancement to stay within 25% of your natural limits. For patients who love tremendously enlarged lips which are prominent, but not natural, Dr. Lee recommends you see a Plastic Surgeon.  For those who prefer the hypodermic needle injection technique, we recommend you seek those specifically trained in it.

Juvederm lip fillers with Dr. Lee at Look Younger MD are done in-office in about an hour for most patients, who typically require little to no downtime. Even though Dr. Lee estimates we have 80% less pain, swelling, and bruising because of the Advanced Technique, keep in mind that we still expect 20% in most patients, so you must adjust your schedule to accommodate this if you absolutely cannot have any swelling or bruising. You will be required to ice your lips for an hour afterwards and to avoid cardio exercise for one day. Results usually last about 6 months, but the duration of results vary by your individual metabolism, the amount of muscle movement, and your medication and health history. To maintain optimal results, Dr. Lee will recommend touch-up appointments.

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Enhance Your Lips

Enhancing your lips with cosmetic injectable fillers can dramatically and instantly change your appearance, particularly for those with thin, asymmetric, or disproportionate lips. Lip fillers such as Juvederm--from the Botox company--Allergan--are a safe and nonsurgical form of lip augmentation designed to add volume and shape to lips to smooth out age wrinkles.

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