Patient Testimonial - Juvederm

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Hi. My name is Debbie and I'm 65 years old. I had Juvederm today with Dr. Lee. It went really well. I feel like the Cearna anti-bruising pads were wonderful compared to... When I got home, I put the pads on. I had already had a little tiny bit of bruising. We put the pads on when I went to bed that night. By morning, the only thing left was a little bit of bruising and swelling on this Otherwise, completely clear over here. So I highly recommend the Cearna pads.

The initial injections that I had with Dr. Lee, they were so fabulous compared to the other two different plastic surgeons that I've been to previously. I had tremendous bruising and was unable to even leave the house for like a week. When I got home, my husband was kind of, "Oh my God, you're never leaving the house," or whatever. But two days later, I was dressed, ready, put a little bit of cover up right here, and was at the movies. Out to dinner, actually, and to the movies.

I'm quite impressed with Dr. Lee. I highly recommend him. He cares. He listens to what your needs are. He lets you hold the mirror and pinpoint the areas that are bothering you. He has fulfilled all my dreams. I was really hating these wrinkles around my face and feeling really aged. I feel great. Get an appointment with Dr. Lee.