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Patient Testimonial - Anti-Bruising Microcannula

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Mary Larusso:
Good afternoon. My name is Mary [Larusso 00:00:05]. I am sad to admit 68 years old. I have now been to Dr. Lee twice, once in December. I had JUVEDERM then to fill in this portion and I must tell you, I take Plavix for stints and bruised quite a bit, enough that I couldn't even lie about it at work. So I'm here to tell you that I've just had it done on Friday, anti-bruising, absolutely fabulous. This is the results of Friday. There is not one bruise. I didn't have to explain to anybody what I had done. It is the best thing since sliced bread. And I was around when sliced bread was around. But really, I must tell you, if you bruise easy, if you're taking medication like I am, you have to have the anti-bruising. It just works wonders. I didn't even put the ice on, but don't tell Dr. Lee that. I skipped the ice portion altogether. It is a fabulous procedure. This whole office is a fabulous procedure.

Speaker 2:
Thank you.

Mary Larusso:
You're welcome.