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No Bruising Testimonial at Look Younger MD

Look Younger without Bruising!


Interviewer: Go.

Gigi: Hello, my name is Gigi and I'm here at Dr. Gary Lee's office. I just had Juvéderm injected in my nasal bifold area. I have absolutely no bruising, which is a very big deal for me because every time I've had this done in the past, I've had severe bruising, and I've had to take off work, and I have not been able to cover up the bruises. People look at me like I've been hit or in a car accident. I just had this done and I'm just amazed that there is absolutely no bruising at all, just slight redness from the ice cubes that I put on my face. I'm very happy and I will be back every six to eight months.

Interviewer: Thank you.