MicroCannula Testimonial - no bruising

Patient Testimonial - MicroCannula


Hi. My name is Kay Perry Corbitt. I am 50 years old as of a couple months ago. Ah. I love Dr. Lee, and I'll tell you, I am a bruiser. I've had Juvéderm and Botox before. I always bruise. This time, I had Juvéderm, and I tried the airtight anti-bruising technique. Oh, my gosh. I mean, no bruising. Not one bruise. It was amazing. When he was doing it, I could feel the Juvéderm going in, and as he smoothed it, I mean, this is the most amazing thing. I have told everybody I know about it. I've recommended so many people to come to Dr. Lee. He's an amazing doctor anyway, but this just... I mean, it blew my mind. I bruised so badly the first time without the airtight, I looked like I'd been socked over here and socked over here. Not a bruise. Not one. 100% reduction, for sure. I would recommend this for anybody and everybody. This is going to be huge. Huge! That's it. I loved it.