Juvederm Testimonial with Debbie

Patient Testimonial - Juvederm


My name is Debbie. I am 57 years old. I came to Doctor Lee for the Juvederm treatment. I actually went from looking like this, to what you see now. That's one side. I also have that side. The frontal view is like that. I am incredibly and overwhelmingly happy with my results. It's a shame I didn't know this earlier. I probably would have done it well over a year ago. I love my results.

Many, many, many people at work have noticed the results. They keep asking me, "You look beautiful. What have you done to your skin lately?" A few people I've told and a few other people I just kind of said, "Thank you." The remarks are, "You look so beautiful." I highly, highly recommend the procedure. I was very nervous about the procedure to begin with. By the time I finished, I was very relaxed. I even back and had one more syringe done to complete the process. I'm very, very happy and you won't regret your decision coming here.