At nearly 70-years old, Dr. Lee is limiting his practice only to Lecturing at National Medical Conferences. Patients seeking records and new patients may call Plastic Surgeon Steven Miller—Dr. Lee’s Custodian of Records—at 702-938-0190.

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Patient Testimonial - Juvederm


Okay. Hi, I'm Beverly and I'm 34 years old. I'm doing Botox and Juvederm today. I'm getting my lips done, so I'm real excited. I haven't had my lips done before, but my Juvederm before has been really awesome. It's really helped my sides of my face, and I'm excited about my lips.

Everyone's noticed my results. Since I started two years ago here, I've been really noticed by everyone in my family, my friends, especially my boyfriend, and I feel awesome by you guys. You're the best place I've ever been to. I've been to three or four before, and you guys, I would never go to anyone else, because the doctor makes me feel so important, very singled out, very... takes his time, talks to me.

I wouldn't even compare anyone else to you guys because you're the best, and I would recommend you to anyone from young to old, so I love you.