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Patient Testimonial - Juvederm


Hi, my name's Rebecca. I'm 47. I came in to see Dr. Lee because I was looking extremely tired, with big bags under my eyes. Face was basically drooping.

Dr. Lee recommended I have Juvéderm around the mouth, and he did. He used the anti-tight, anti-bruising method, which was absolutely amazing. Very, very, very little bruising, if any. Very little pain. I barely felt it. It was totally amazing.

It's taken a couple of weeks to do, over a period of time. I'm thrilled with the results. In fact, my husband said to me the other day I look as if I've been Photoshopped. He looked at me, and he said, "You've been Photoshopped." It's fantastic.

Totally recommend Dr. Lee. Totally recommend the staff. Fantastic results. Just amazing. I've been to other people, and they absolutely do not compare to Dr. Lee. He is very kind, very gentle, listens to all of my concerns, and just amazing. I'll never go anywhere else again.