Dr. Platt | MicroCannula Training at Look Younger MD

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Hello. My name is H.J. Platt. I'm a physician from Texarkana, Texas. I had the wonderful opportunity of doing a preceptorship with Dr. Gary Lee. From that experience, I have been fortunate to learn a number of aesthetic treatments, including Botox and the use of various fillers, including Juvederm and Voluma. But more importantly, as it relates to fillers, I was given the opportunity to witness firsthand, as well as do myself, the use of microcannula technique, which I found to be completely amazing.

I have done some basic fillers and always struggled with bruising as a result of that. Patients, unfortunately, have grown to expect that that is one of the side effects, and they simply tolerate it. But after having a few days of use with the microcannula, I have not seen any bruising, with either the patients that Dr. Lee demonstrated with or even the ones that I performed it on.

I also had the opportunity of doing work with microneedling with the use of PRP, which is a great technique, and I learned much from that as well. The staff was amazing. From the very moment I walked through the door, I was greeted with a wonderful smile. They knew my name, and they treated me with great respect. They were very kind and very friendly. I would rate my experience very high.

I have been through residencies. I've been through fellowship training. I can honestly say that in the several days that I've been here working with Dr. Lee, I have learned a tremendous amount of information. I'll be able to use this in my practice immediately, and I feel very competent in my skills now. Where I approached this with a bit of fear, I no longer have that type of fear. Certainly, the respect that I need, but I have a great sense of comfort, so I would highly recommend this preceptorship to others. I just really want to thank Gary and all of his staff for such a wonderful experience.