At nearly 70-years old, Dr. Lee is limiting his practice only to Lecturing at National Medical Conferences. Patients seeking records and new patients may call Plastic Surgeon Steven Miller—Dr. Lee’s Custodian of Records—at 702-938-0190.

Dr. Lee fixes a dog-bite scar

After being told there was nothing to be done about her dog bite scar, Dr. Lee was able to "remove" it using Juvederm.


Hi, my name is Joy. I'm with Dr. Garry Lee today at Look Younger MD. This is my picture. I have a dog bite on my lip, and that happened when I was 14 months old. I had been dealing with it all my life and most doctors told me that I couldn't do anything about it without major surgery, until I found Dr. Lee. He was able to fill the scar in, bring it out and it is a wonderful feeling to know that people are not looking at my scars anymore. This was about a year and a half ago. I had some touch-up work in November. It's holding up very well, and I'm here today to have some touch-up work, so we'll show you how it looks later.