Acne scarring diminished using Combination Therapy in Las Vegas and Henderson

Procedure Details

Plagued by adult acne -from the birth of her son- this female patient came from Oregon to have Dr. Lee help her. He initially injected Juvederm into each scar, then the patient went through a series of TTT (Triple Tight Technology) treatments using Skinfinity RF (radio frequency) + PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) + Microneedling. Her end result is AMAZING and she is very happy!

Some of her story...

"...If you have issues with acne scarring? Definitely, honestly, I think everybody should fly to Las Vegas. Plane tickets to Las Vegas are so cheap. Fly to Las Vegas. Go to Henderson, which is the next city over and go see Dr. Lee. He spends so much time... It takes him over an hour. I mean, because he spends so much time. He is so meticulous. He is so detailed and he is amazing. I mean, just amazing. I made this video on my own because he changed my life. Honestly, he changed my life.

So if you have acne scarring? You should call him. That's it."


Look Younger MD

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