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the O-Shot (Orgasm shot)

The O-Shot--as seen on The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Harper's Bazaar, and The View--is one of the hottest procedures women seek for urinary leaking  (incontinence) and difficulty with sexual arousal, most commonly after childbirth or with aging.  Dr. Lee at Look Younger MD not only does O-Shot Injections, but is one of ONLY 85+ O-Shot Certified Physician Instructors in the USA, personally trained by Dr. Charles Runels, the inventor of the O-Shot, in Alabama.  The O-Shot uses Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to help stimulate the production of collagen and rejuvenate the skin in the vaginal area. The PRP comes only from each patient's own blood that is spun in a centrifuge to make the highly concentrated growth factors for this treatment. Currently, this off-label treatment may restore and enhance both the aesthetic appearance and functionality of the vaginal area, though it is currently still pending the clinical research for this specific FDA indication.  To learn more about this innovative procedure, contact our Las Vegas / Henderson, NV area facility today to schedule your free consultation with Dr. Lee.

Ideal Candidates

Ideal candidates for an O-shot injection treatment are women who are having trouble achieving sexual arousal or orgasm naturally. An O-shot can also help reduce vaginal skin laxity for women who have given birth vaginally, as well as improve bladder activity for women experiencing incontinence. Additionally, the PRP injections can stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, increasing the longevity of treatment results over time. Prior to receiving treatment, patients will have a free consultation to evaluate whether they are a good candidate for an O-shot injection treatment and to answer all of their questions. As always, Dr. Lee encourages his patients to carefully consider all their options including MESH surgery  nd urinary incontinence medications--with their complications and side effects--before making a fully informed treatment decision.

Treatment Technique

As a quick, outpatient procedure, an O-shot treatment is provided in one of our private treatment rooms. Blood will be drawn from the patient and then placed in a centrifuge to create the PRP solution. Remarkably, there is actually very little discomfort at all with the O-Shot, since Dr. Lee is renown for his exceptionally gentle technique--and his patients are often amazed that their Botox injections may be more uncomfortable than the O-Shot. Nevertheless, we also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) sedation for those who feel anxious about their procedure. Once the area is numbed and the PRP solution is ready, the solution will be gently injected into the patient’s upper vaginal area.

What to Expect

Following an O-Shot treatment, patients are able to return the next day to their normal daily activities. Optimal results may take a few days or weeks to be seen and will continue to develop as more collagen is produced.  With these results, our patients report increased sexual sensation and stimulation, a tighter vaginal area, and fewer difficulties with achieving orgasm. In some cases, patients may need a series of injections to receive their desired results and follow-up treatments can also help maintain results.

The “O-Shot” (Orgasm Shot) FAQ

  1. Why do women get the O-Shot? The O-Shot is primarily chosen by women who accidentally leak urine (urinary incontinence) as we all age or those who want to improve sexual orgasm. The most common presentations are women who first began having urinary problems after childbirth--resulting in an embarrassing tendency for urinary leaking--particularly after exercise, coughing, or sneezing.
  2. How effective is the O-Shot? Our patients cite tremendous satisfaction after their O-Shot with many patients reporting more than 70% improvement in urinary incontinence and more than 40% improvement in sexual orgasm, typically after the second treatment. Nevertheless, we ask all our patients to take special note that the O-Shot has no FDA Approval for urinary incontinence or enhanced orgasm. To date, since the O-Shot is NOT a drug, there is little profit and incentive for pharmaceutical companies to do the clinical research to obtain formal FDA Approval.
  3. How many O-Shot treatments are needed? Without clinical research, we can only cite that most of our patients have had two O-Shot treatments—a month apart--though we have had an O-Shot patient who was happy with only a single treatment. O-Shots are done at one month intervals as needed.
  4. How long does an O-Shot treatment take? Typically, the process of taking a tiny amount of blood from your arm takes longer than the actual O-Shot procedure itself. Once drawn, your sample is spun down to concentrate your growth factors and the treatment itself takes less than 20 minutes.
  5. Is the O-Shot…painful? Our patients are constantly amazed that their Botox injections…typically are more painful than Dr. Lee’s O-Shot treatment. Dr. Lee is particularly skilled as one of the ONLY 85+ O-Shot Physician and Nurse Instructors in the USA, is a lecturer for the Cellular Medicine Association, and was personally trained in Alabama by the world famous inventor of the O-Shot, Dr. Charles Runels.
  6. How much does the O-Shot cost? The Famous Inventor of the O-Shot, Dr. Charles Runels, set the minimum price for the O-Shot in the USA to be no lower than $1,200.00 for each treatment. Anyone with a price lower than this is not considered an Official O-Shot Practitioner and will be removed from the Official Listing of Credentialed O-Shot Practitioners through the Cellular Medicine Association. Dr. Runels does not want to be listed on GroupOn or other discounted organizations since he believes the O-Shot should be only given by properly trained and compensated providers. Counterfeit O-Shot Providers--often are identified by their cheap pricing—have had legal taken action taken against them.
  7. How do I prepare for the O-Shot? Schedule your O-Shot between your menstrual cycles for a two-hour appointment. We recommend you hydrate yourself well with water beforehand, shave the area to minimize risk of infection, and eat a light meal just before to avoid hypoglycemia (low blood sugar).
  8. What do I do for after my O-Shot? After the O-Shot, we recommend you sit and gently wash for 30-60 minutes in a warm bath or Jacuzzi and avoid exercise for a day. We suggest you wait a week or more before resuming sexual intercourse.
  9. How long before results? Results build slowly usually at 4 to 6 weeks after injections, but we typically schedule a second treatment at 4 weeks.
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Nonsurgical Rejuvenation

For many women, sexual difficulties can cause embarrassment, stress, and a decrease in their quality of life. For those who are concerned about increasing reports of MESH surgery complications and medication side effects (now linked to dementia), O-shot injections may be the way to dramatically improve your quality of life. Contact our practice today to learn more about this nonsurgical, innovative procedure and to schedule your free consultation.

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