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Worried about pain from cosmetic injections? 

Look Younger MD, located in the Las Vegas, NV area, is a leader in the State of Nevada to offer laughing gas (nitrous oxide)  with the PRO-NOX system to maximize your comfort...and promote utter relaxation.   Our patients have been transformed from fear--to laughter--throughout the whole procedure with laughing gas!

PRO-NOX is made up of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide that each patient personally inhales as needed, much like how a hookah is administered.  It takes effect in seconds to bring immediate relief of anxiety, is easy and effective,  and dissipates in just minutes for your safety on your drive back home. During your consultation with trained aesthetic physician Dr. Garry Lee, he can discuss with you the benefits of using PRO-NOX for your cosmetic treatment. 

Ideal Candidates

PRO-NOX is beneficial for any individual who is experiencing any level of anxiety about their treatment. Before PRO-NOX is administered, Dr. Lee will evaluate your medical history, current medications, and concerns to make sure that the sedation technique is a good choice for you. The nitrous oxide gas works to make you feel exceptionally comfortable, though you remain awake throughout your procedure. However, it is not suitable for individuals who have trouble breathing, have extreme phobias, have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), or have certain other conditions. 

What to Expect

PRO-NOX is administered through a breathing device that is placed into the patient's mouth.  Each patient personally inhales what they feel is necessary--so total control remains expressly with you!  You may begin to notice some slight tingling in your arms and legs, along with a feeling of warmth, euphoria, or well-being as the gas begins to work. After the treatment is complete, the gas will be turned off and the effects of the PRO-NOX wear off rather quickly. Patients may resume their normal daily activities directly upon leaving our facility.

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Experience Anxiety relief

If you are experiencing any level of anxiety about receiving a cosmetic treatment, ask Dr. Lee about PRO-NOX during your initial consultation. At Look Younger MD, we want you to feel maximally comfortable during your entire treatment process. To learn more, contact our Las Vegas, NV area facility today. 

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