What is The AMAA (amaa4u.org)?

The American MedAesthetic Association (AMAA) educates, serves, and represents physicians, oral surgeons and dentists (where legally applicable), nurse practitioners, nurses, physician assistants, and other medically licensed practitioners who practice minimally invasive aesthetic medicine and associated areas of interest, but are not the core specialists of plastic surgery or dermatology. Non-Core, or as we now term, “MedAesthetic Practitioners (MAP),” now constitute more than half of the minimally invasive aesthetic medicine practitioners in the USA and are actually the “New Core” in cosmetic medicine. A few aesthetic medicine organizations are open to both Core and Non-Core participation, but are directed primarily by Core physicians, who necessarily must represent the interests of both Core and Non-Core physicians, reflected by their more generic membership. Consequently, more than half of the lectures and training programs may be on surgical advances and techniques–completely unusable by non-surgeons. By focusing only on what our members actually do–and what they really want–we make every hour and dollar count towards maximizing education in the latest and best advances of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine.

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