Juvederm Testimonial with Adrienne

Juvederm Naso-Labial fold follow up


Adrienne: Hi, my name's Adrian. I'm 43 years old, and I just had Juvaderm done right on each side of my mouth and I just had Botox as well. The Juvaderm has been great. I noticed an immediate difference. I can tell that these deep lines on either side of my face that have been making me feel really ancient have really filled out. I feel a lot better about the way I look and my smile.

Adrienne: My Botox has only been a week and I'm starting to see differences. The Botox was really easy and I thought it would be painful and it wasn't, and the Juvaderm gave me really fast, quick results. I would definitely recommend Dr. Lee and his very friendly staff to anyone out there. I'm very happy with my total package and my total results.

Speaker 2: Aw, thank you very much.

Adrienne: You're welcome.