Juvederm Testimonial with Debbie

Juvederm Dermal Filler injections done by Dr. Garry Lee, the patient says she had NO BRUISING AT ALL, WENT TO WORK THE NEXT DAY using the Anti-Bruising Cannula technique.


Debbie: My name is Debbie. I am 57 years old. I came to Doctor Lee for the Juvederm treatment. I actually went from looking like this, to what you see now. That's one side. I also have that side. The frontal view is like that. I am incredibly and overwhelmingly happy with my results. It's a shame I didn't know this earlier. I probably would have done it well over a year ago. I love my results.

Debbie: Many, many, many people at work have noticed the results. They keep asking me, "You look beautiful. What have you done to your skin lately?" A few people I've told and a few other people I just kind of said, "Thank you." The remarks are, "You look so beautiful." I highly, highly recommend the procedure. I was very nervous about the procedure to begin with. By the time I finished, I was very relaxed. I even back and had one more syringe done to complete the process. I'm very, very happy and you won't regret your decision coming here.

Speaker 2: Did you have any bruising?

Debbie: No bruising whatsoever. We used the air tight system procedure. I had no bruising at all. In fact, I went back to work the next day.