Juvederm Testimonial with Joyce

Juvederm Testimonial with Joyce


Dr. Lee: Hi, Joyce. Can you tell us your name?

Joyce: Hi, my name is Joyce.

Dr. Lee: And Joyce, can you tell us about how you like Juvederm?

Joyce: I absolutely love Juvederm. I would recommend to anyone. I had Juvederm done in my nasal folds, this area, a year ago December. It's now 14 months later, and I still have not received ... my folds have not come back in depth like they were originally. So the Juvederm is lasting with me longer than a year.

Dr. Lee: Well, now, I wanted to ask you, how did you like your treatment here with us. Of course, I'm Dr. Lee.

Joyce: I loved my treatment here at the Horizon Wellness Center. Everyone, the minute you walk in the front door, is so friendly. Everyone smiles. You are so well taken care of with the food offerings and the different drinks. You're treated like your royalty here. I would highly recommend that to everybody.

Dr. Lee: Well, thank you so much, we appreciate that. Thank you, Joyce.