Juvederm Testimonial with Kari

Juvederm Testimonial with Kari


Dr. Lee: Tell me your name.

Kari: Kari Sullivan.

Dr. Lee: And, Kari, you're holding up a piece of paper. What does that mean?

Kari: I won $20 on my next treatment for guessing the right music to a movie.

Dr. Lee: Okay. And what did you guess correctly?

Kari: Superman.

Dr. Lee: Okay, so you-

Kari: One of the only few that I knew.

Dr. Lee: I know. You guessed the theme song from Superman, and you're the winner of the Dr. Lee trivia quiz. And when the music was playing, what were we doing to you?

Kari: I was getting Juvederm injected.

Dr. Lee: Okay. And how was the experience of doing a trivia quiz during a Juvederm treatment?

Kari: Well, it definitely distracted me, and it wasn't very painful at all.

Dr. Lee: Was it a hoot?

Kari: It was a hoot, definitely a hoot.

Dr. Lee: Okay. And how did you like your overall treatments here?

Kari: It looks very great.

Dr. Lee: Okay, and thank you-

Kari: Dr. Lee rocks.

Dr. Lee: Well, thank you so much. And you were the winner. And thank you so much. You were absolutely wonderful. Thank you.

Kari: You're welcome. Thank you.