Juvederm Ultra Patient Results

See the contrast between the right forehead wrinkles Dr. Lee treated vs. the untreated left side.


Dr. Lee:            Okay, talk.

Roheim:             Wow, I'm so amazed. I'm so happy. Dr. Lee, you are a genius. Really, you have golden hands. Thank you so much.

Dr. Lee:            Well thank you.

Roheim:             You make me so happy, it's bothered me all this year. It's amazing.

Dr. Lee:            Okay, now raise your eyebrows up, Roheim. Now we did a treatment here using microcannula, and Juvederm Ultra, and we just wanted to show you the difference in the right and left side, and you look fantastic.

Roheim:             Thank you, doc. I never had a doubt about you, but this is amazing!

Dr. Lee:            Okay, thank you so much.

Roheim:             Thank you.

Dr. Lee:            Okay.