BOTOX® Henderson | Dr. Garry R. Lee | Look Younger MD

Video Transcript

Dr. Lee: What we're known for here is helping you look younger without surgery. 80% of the time, we inject you to lift up your wrinkle, but we don't use a needle, because we can inject you with 80% less pain, 80% less bruising, 80% less swelling, well why wouldn't you?

Jennifer: When you call in, we book a complimentary consultation with Dr. Lee. He will address your concerns, find out what it is that you're looking to accomplish. We always come up with a treatment plan. We'll work with your budget. You don't have to do everything at once, we'll complete your treatment in stages and he'll go over everything with you at that time and make sure that you're comfortable.

Nona: Because of his extensive teaching experience, he has also won numerous awards. Since that's all he does all day, he's extremely good at it and we have the awards to show for it and many happy clients.

Abigail: We have people that come in here that I have never have done any cosmetic fillers or injections and then they come out feeling like a million dollars, looking 10 years younger, and they didn't know that they could do that with something that's so non-evasive and that doesn't require surgery.

Jennifer: If you'd like to look younger without surgery, give us a call and book your complimentary consultation at 702-938-0190. We look forward to hearing from you.